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Calculating gravel tonnage cubes and sand and earth

Calculating Gravel Tonnage Cubes And Sand And Earth

Copy the factor in the column titled yardston - a seven-decimal number in BLUE. Multiply your tonnage x yardston your cubic yards. your metric tonnage x m tonne your cubic meters. To convert volumes into tonnages from cubic yards into tons of gravel, sand or other typical mediums into tons tons or Short Tons ...

Standard VolumetoWeight Conversion Factors

Standard Volumetoweight Conversion Factors

Copper pipe, whole 1 cubic yard 1,047.62 Tellus Copper, cast 1 cubic yard 210.94 Tellus Copper, ore 1 cubic foot 542 FEECO Copper, scrap 1 cubic foot 120150 FEECO Copper, wire, whole 1 cubic yard 1,093.52 Tellus Chrome ore chromite 1 cubic yard 337.5 Tellus Lead, commercial 1 cubic foot 125140 FEECO

Entering Swell and Yield Factors

Entering Swell And Yield Factors

This would convert the 1.0 Bank Cubic Yard BCY to 1.25 Loose Cubic Yards LCY. According to the estimate of the job, you now know you will actually need to haul this 1.25 LCY to another location on the job site to use as compacted fill material. This means that the Loose Cubic Yards will become Compacted Cubic Yards CCY.

VolumetoWeight Conversion Charts

Volumetoweight Conversion Charts

VOLUME-TO-WEIGHT CONVERSION FACTORS APPLIANCES amp FURNITURE ... Carpet 1 cubic yard 147.00 0.074 CA IWMB Carpet padding 1 cubic yard 62.00 0.031 CA IWMB ... PRODUCT VOLUME POUNDS TONS SOURCE Chalk, lumpy 1 cubic foot 80.00 0.040 FEECO Charcoal 1 cubic

Estimating Excavation Revised

Estimating Excavation Revised

cubic yards moved. Thats now the accepted procedure for most projects, from single-family homes to roads and commercial jobs. Some projects are still bid lump sum, but those are the exceptions. Its common for the actual amount of dirt moved to be more or less than expected, so the best way to protect your business is to bid by the cubic yard.

Construction Converter The Calculator Site

Construction Converter The Calculator Site

Construction Converter. Use this construction conversion tool to convert between different units of weight and volume. Please note that this type of conversion requires a substance density figure. A list of some common construction density approximations is provided below. Please enter a density figure, select a unit to convert from and to ...


Fundamentals Units Of Measurement

Earthworks Estimating The Fundamentals Page 2 LCM - Loose Cubic Metres BCM - Bank Cubic Metres CCM Compacted Cubic Metres LCM The best way to visualize LCM is to picture soil in the back of a truck or, even better, in the conical stockpile at the end of a stacker conveyor. This is the idealized version of LCM.

CONVERT function

Convert Function

CONVERT number, fromunit, tounit Number is the value in fromunits to convert. Fromunit is the units for number. Tounit is the units for the result. CONVERT accepts the following text values in quotation marks for fromunit and tounit.

Convert cubic inches to cubic yards Volume Conversions

Convert Cubic Inches To Cubic Yards Volume Conversions

Cubic Inches to Cubic Yards Conversion Example Task Convert 75,000 cubic inches to cubic yards show work Formula in 3 3 Calculations 75,000 in 3 3 Result 75,000 in 3 is equal to 1.60751029 yd 3. Conversion Table. For quick reference purposes, below is a conversion table that you can use to convert from in 3 to yd 3.

Excel CONVERT Function How to Convert Units in Excel

Excel Convert Function How To Convert Units In Excel

Cubic angstrom ang3 or ang3 U.S. oil barrel barrel U.S. bushel bushel Cubic feet ft3 or ft3 Cubic inch in3 or in3 Cubic light-year ly3 or ly3 Cubic meter m3 or m3 Cubic Mile mi3 or mi3 Cubic yard yd3 or yd3 Cubic nautical mile Nmi3 or Nmi3 Cubic Pica Picapt3, Picapt3, Pica3 or Pica3 Gross Registered Ton GRT ...

Cubic Feet to Cubic Yards Conversion

Cubic Feet To Cubic Yards Conversion

cubic yards to cubic feet Conversion Table cu yd to cu ft 1.0 27 2.0 54 3.0 81 4.0 108 5.0 135 cubic yards to cubic feet 6.0 162 7.0 189 8.0 216

State of Ohio

State Of Ohio

nearest cubic yard cubic meter by using conversion factor. C-2 Summarize and convert to nearest ton metric ton for the final quantity by conversion from validated tickets. Convert sack and brine shipments to weight as specified. C-3 Summarize the final quantity to nearest cubic yard cubic meter by conversion from validated weight tickets.

How to Calculate Cubic Yards Budget Dumpster

How To Calculate Cubic Yards Budget Dumpster

1 cubic yard of concrete or asphalt weighs about 4,000 pounds. 1 cubic yard of drywall weighs about 500 pounds. 1 cubic yard of carpet can weigh between 2,300 - 3,200 pounds. Once you know how to measure the size and weight of your debris in cubic yards, you can confidently select the correct dumpster size for your project.

Cubic Meters to Metric Ton Using Gravel

Cubic Meters To Metric Ton Using Gravel

Apr 09, 2007 Concrete, Gravel - 2.40 tonnecubic meter. Choose the above density that most closely matches your gravel, and calculate using the formulas below. cubic meters density tonnes. tonnes density cubic meters. Thats the metric tonne. Ok, need to convert 80,000 cubic meters of dry pre-mixed cement to metric tons.

Conversion Table Los Angeles County California

Conversion Table Los Angeles County California

Note 1 ton 2,000 lbs Conversion Table Material Type Volume Amount Equal Approximate Weight AsphaltPaving, Crushed 1 cubic yard 1,380 lbs Brick, Common Hard 1 cubic yard 3,199.5 lbs Brick, Whole 1 cubic yard 3,024 lbs Cardboard, Paper 1 cubic yard 100 lbs Ceramic ...

VolumetoWeight Conversion Factors April 2016

Volumetoweight Conversion Factors April 2016

Volume-to-Weight Conversion Factors . U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery April 2016 . EPAs 1997 report, Measuring Recycling A Guide for State and Local Governments, was a

weight in tonnes of one cubic yard Earthworkgrading

Weight In Tonnes Of One Cubic Yard Earthworkgrading

Oct 24, 2007 RE weight in tonnes of one cubic yard. fattdad Geotechnical 24 Sep 07 1316. typical weight of moist soil is 110 pounds per cubic foot plus or minus 10 pcf. There are 27 cubic feet in a cubic yard, so a cubic yard would weigh 2,970 pounds plus or minus 270 pounds. Hope this helps in conjunction with the posts of others. . . . .

Conversion chart tons to cubic yards OnlineConversion

Conversion Chart Tons To Cubic Yards Onlineconversion

Aug 05, 2010 53 x pi x r x length 53 pi x 2.512 x 35 253 cubic feet 9.4 cubic yards. Find out the conversion of cubic yards to tons for the aggregate you are using, and multiply your 9.4 by that amount. - The aggregate supplier should be able to help.

How many cubic yards in a ton OnlineConversion Forums

How Many Cubic Yards In A Ton Onlineconversion Forums

Dec 05, 2006 Re How many cubic yards in a ton According to Reade, moist excavated earth has a density of 90 poundscubic foot. That is about 1.215 U.S. toncubic yard. 17.9 ton 1.215 toncubic yard 14.73 cubic yards. Assuming U.S. short tons.

What Is the Formula to Convert Cubic Yards Into Tons

What Is The Formula To Convert Cubic Yards Into Tons

Apr 02, 2020 What Is the Formula to Convert Cubic Yards Into Tons If the density of pound per cubic foot is known, then one formula is to multiply the density by 0.0135 272000. Another rule of thumb is cubic yards x 1.4 tons. The formula varies according to the material type and density.

Calculate Fill Dirt cubic yards Tons

Calculate Fill Dirt Cubic Yards Tons

Calculate Fill Dirt. Type in inches and feet of your project and calculate the estimated amount of Soil amp Dirt in cubic yards, cubic feet and Tons, that your need for your project. The Density of Fill Dirt 2,410 lbyd or 1.21 tyd or 0.8 yd t. A

Soil and Rock Bulk Factors Engineering ToolBox

Soil And Rock Bulk Factors Engineering Toolbox

Soil or rock from the borrow expands when dropped on the lorry or the landfill - or stockpiled. One cubic from the borrow does not translate to one cubic dump. Bulking or swell factors for some materials Material. Density at the Borrow. 103. kgm3 Bulking Swell Factor.

Cubic Meters to Cubic Yards conversion

Cubic Meters To Cubic Yards Conversion

Cubic Meters. A metric unit of volume, commonly used in expressing concentrations of a chemical in a volume of air. One cubic meter equals 35.3 cubic feet or 1.3 cubic yards. One cubic meter also equals 1000 liters or one million cubic centimeters. Cubic Meters to Cubic Yards formula

Cubic Inches to Cubic Yards Converter

Cubic Inches To Cubic Yards Converter

cubic inches to cubic yards formula. cubic yard cubic inch 0.000021433470508. cubic yard cubic inch 46656. 1 Cubic Inch 0.000021433470508 Cubic Yard. What is a Cubic Inch Cubic inch is an imperial and United States Customary volume unit. 1 cu in 0.000021433470508 cu yd. The symbol is in . Please visit all volume units conversion ...

Cubic Yards Calculator and Price Estimator

Cubic Yards Calculator And Price Estimator

To calculate cubic yards, we multiply 6 12 0.5 to get a total of 36 cubic feet. We then divide by 27 to get 1.33 cubic yards. How to convert square feet to cubic yards. To convert square feet to cubic yards, simply multiply your square footage figure by the heightdepth in feet. This gives you a result in cubic

Converting CampD Debris from Volume to Weight A Fact

Converting Campd Debris From Volume To Weight A Fact

volume in cubic yards. Solution A simple equation can be used to convert the volume of CampD debris in cubic yards or yd 3 to weight in tons Weight of CampD Debris Volume of CampD Debris X 0.24 tonsyd3. Example Calculation A CampD disposal facility receives 100,000 cubic yards of

Facilities Development Manual Wisconsin Department of

Facilities Development Manual Wisconsin Department Of

for granular materials. Designers are to use values within the conversion factor ranges of Table 3.1 The conversions are based on Region experience and are for compacted material. Table 3.1 Compacted Aggregate Conversion Factors . Bid Item Number Material Bid Item Name Conversion Factor TonsCubic Yard

Online Conversion tons to cubic yards

Online Conversion Tons To Cubic Yards

Nov 11, 2005 Re tons to cubic yards. by Robert Fogt on 090605 at 222640. Dry sand has a density of 100 poundscubic foot. 1 ton 2000 pounds. 2000 pounds 100 poundscubic foot 20 cubic foot. 20 cubic foot 27 0.74 cubic yard. So 1 ton is about 34 of a cubic yard. Re tons to cubic yards.

Excavation and Embankment cut and fill

Excavation And Embankment Cut And Fill

Basic Conversions 1 cubic yard 27 cubic feet 1 cubic foot of Water 7.48 gallons 1 gal of Water 8.34 lbs 1ft of Water 0.433 psi 2.31 Ft Head 1 psi pressure 5,280 Ft 1 Mile 43,560 ft2 1 Acre 1 Board Ft 144 in3 1,440 min day 1 liter 1 kg Basic Properties Density of Water 62.42 pounds per CF pcf, 1,000 gliter 1,000kgm3

Gravel Calculator Estimate Landscaping Material in Yards

Gravel Calculator Estimate Landscaping Material In Yards

If the initial measurements were in inches, then convert cubic inches to cubic yards by dividing by 46,656. If the initial measurements were in feet, then divide by 27 to get cubic yards. As a shortcut, try our cubic yardage calculator to conveniently calculate your volume. Step Two Calculate Gravel Weight in Tons

Spikes Compaction Factor Calculator

Spikes Compaction Factor Calculator

200208 32000 cubic feet Convert to cubic yards 3200027 1185 cubic yards Assume you are using dry gravel with a swell percentage of 15 and a shrink percentage of -7 Plug those values into the calculator and it will tell you that the compaction factor 1.237. Multiply the 1185 cubic yards by 1.237 1185 1.237 1465.9

Excavation Material Removal Calculator

Excavation Material Removal Calculator

If you are excavating an area with a volume of 200 cubic yards consisting of material with a 40 swell, you are actually looking at removing 280 cubic yards. At an average of 12 cubic yards hauling capacity of a truck, you are looking at an additional 6 to 7 truck loads.

DGLVR Materials Calculator Center for Dirt and Gravel

Dglvr Materials Calculator Center For Dirt And Gravel

You can specify a compactedfinished material depth or a loosetailgated depth when entering the dimensions. However, the estimates generated will always appear as cubic yards of loose material and US tons as-shipped loose. A cost estimate can be generated by providing a known price per ton in your region or from a particular supplier.

How to Convert Yards to Tons in Gravel Hunker

How To Convert Yards To Tons In Gravel Hunker

Converting Cubic Yards to Tons. Most gravel and crushed stone products have similar weights per ton. A general rule of thumb when converting cubic yards of gravel to tons is to multiply the cubic area by 1.4. For your reference, gravel typically weighs 2,800 pounds per cubic yard. In addition, there are 2,000 pounds to a ton.

Convert Ton Register to Cubic Yard Unit Converter

Convert Ton Register To Cubic Yard Unit Converter

Please provide values below to convert ton register ton reg to cubic yard yd3, or vice versa. Ton Register to Cubic Yard Conversion Table How to Convert Ton Register to Cubic Yard 1 ton reg 3.7037037037 yd3