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Geotechnical approach to stope and pillar optimisation

Geotechnical Approach To Stope And Pillar Optimisation

Underground Design Methods 2015, Perth, Australia 217 2.2 Mining methods Mining methods at GSGM are based on variations of a longhole open stope and room and pillar method. There is no planned backfill. This methodology was originally proposed due to the flat lying nature of the ore lodes. The mining methods used are Inclined room and pillar.

Stope And Pillar Mining

Stope And Pillar Mining

Stope And Pillar Mining Methods feldmannrechtsanwaltde. Stopeandpillar mining ProZ Stopeandpillar mining a stope is a production opening in a metal mine is a similar method used in noncoal mines where thicker, more irregular ore bodies occur the pillars are spaced randomly and located in lowgrade ore so, 247 online fmshrcgov.

CN101725351A Filling stope pillar recovery mining method

Cn101725351a Filling Stope Pillar Recovery Mining Method

The invention relates to a filling stope pillar recovery mining method. Because drilling is carried out below an inclined plane of a safer ore-breaking upper layer, recovery of inbreak of obturation lagging behind part of ore body is ensured, the obturation is avoided to be mixed into ore body heap, the ore recovery rate is improved and the dilution and the loss of the ore are reduced.

Stoping an overview ScienceDirect Topics

Stoping An Overview Sciencedirect Topics

The most widely used underground mining method is room and pillar mining, illustrated in Figs. 6 and 21. Blocks of the mined seam are left in place to support the overlying rock. These pillars are designed to prevent collapse of the openings yet minimize the amount of valuable mineral left in place or abandoned.

833 Sublevel Open Stoping ABC 123 Testing Site

833 Sublevel Open Stoping Abc 123 Testing Site

Aug 03, 2010 The pillar underlying the stope is the sill pillar. Finally, there will be pillars separating the stopes transversely, which do not have a special name. Often, there is significant ore of considerable value contained in these pillars. Mining these pillars, however, presents a major challenge if you attempt to take out the pillar, everything is ...

Article Metrics Design methods for stopes and sill

Article Metrics Design Methods For Stopes And Sill

The design of pillars in cut-and-fill mining and open stoping in vertical and subvertical orebodies is of vital importance in optimizing mining operations. The primary requirement for a good and reliable design technique is the ability to represent the actual physical behaviour of the pillar. In this paper, a new methodology for stope roof and sill pillar design is proposed for the Zinkgruvan ...

Underground Mining Methods

Underground Mining Methods

Underground Mining Methods 1.As you watch the animations take note of the following Mining Method Room and Pillar aheavy equipment and machinery blocation of where the operation begins cpresence of tunnels dthe direction of the tunnels eexplosives and blasting Mining Method Sublevel Stoping aheavy equipment and machinery

Bordandpillar mining in inclined orebodies

Bordandpillar Mining In Inclined Orebodies

All the advantages of bord-and-pillar mining make this method sound like the ultimate cost effective and efficient mining method, but there are major restrictions to its application, e.g. The thickness of the orebody in relation to the machine ... The stoping will consist of three phases.

Room and Pillar Mining an overview ScienceDirect Topics

Room And Pillar Mining An Overview Sciencedirect Topics

The major partial mining method are strip pillar mining, Wongawilli strip pillar mining, room and pillar mining, and thickness-limited extraction. 1. Strip pillar mining. Strip mining technology is an effective measure to reduce the overburden strata and surface movement and deformation, and it is also one of the important measures in the system of Green Mining.

Roomandpillar mining coal mining Britannica

Roomandpillar Mining Coal Mining Britannica

In coal mining Mining methods classified into four distinct categories room-and-pillar, longwall, shortwall, and thick-seam. Read More open-stoping methods. In stoping. A common open-stoping method is room-and-pillar mining, in which pillars of ore are left standing to support the rock over a flat-lying ore body. Read More

Room and Pillar Stoping Xinhai Mining Engineering

Room And Pillar Stoping Xinhai Mining Engineering

Room and Pillar Stoping. Post pillars are reserved in the stope for support. According to the depth of blasting holes, there are two mining methods short-hole room and pillar stoping medium- and deep-hole room and pillar stoping. The former adopts short-hole rock drill for orebodies with a thickness of less than 3-4m, and ore is transported ...


Optimization Of Mechanized Mining Layout

These methods are Bord and pillar 1.8 m2.2 m stope widths using low-profile LP mechanized equipment Breast mining 1.3 m stope width using extra-low profile XLP mechanized equipment A graphical representation of the bord and pillar and mechanized breast mining methods is shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2. It is important to note ...

Underground mining methods SlideShare

Underground Mining Methods Slideshare

Apr 14, 2014 2Stop-And-Pillar Mining It is the method in which openings are driven horizontally in regular and random patterns to form pillars for ground support. It is one of the large mining method accounting for about 50 of U.S noncoal production. The stope-and-pillar is same as Room-and pillar mining if it meets following qualifications 1 ...

432 Underground Mining Methods ABC 123 Testing Site

432 Underground Mining Methods Abc 123 Testing Site

Unsupported Methods Room and Pillar mining. This method of mining is used to recover bedded deposits that are horizontal or nearly horizontal when the orebody and the surrounding rock are reasonably competent. Parallel openings are mined in the ore, i.e., rooms, and blocks of ore, i.e., pillars, are left in place to support the overlying strata.

stope and pillar mining methods TricksUniversity

Stope And Pillar Mining Methods Tricksuniversity

Geotechnical approach to stope and pillar optimisation . Underground Design Methods 2015 Perth Australia 217 22 Mining methods Mining methods at GSGM are based on variations of a longhole open stope and room and pillar method There is no planned backfill This methodology was originally proposed due to the flat lying nature of the ore lodes The mining methods used are Inclined room and pillar

StopeandPillar Design for the Elliot Lake Uranium Mines

Stopeandpillar Design For The Elliot Lake Uranium Mines

Stope-and-Pillar Design for the Elliot Lake Uranium Mines Export Citation Citation Style APA Hedley, D.G.F. Grant, F. 1972. ... In 1958, the Ontario Department of Mines appointed a committee to study the accident situation and mining methods used in the uranium mines in the E1liot Lake district. This committee reviewed the existing ...

Room and Pillar Mining Method SlideShare

Room And Pillar Mining Method Slideshare

Oct 22, 2014 Room and Pillar Mining Method 1. Hassan Z. Harraz 2014- 2015 This material is intended for use in lectures, presentations and as handouts to students, and is provided in Power point format so as to allow customization for the individual needs of course instructors.

Unsupported mining methods MINDANAO STATE

Unsupported Mining Methods Mindanao State

Stoping is the process of extracting desired ore or mineral from an underground mine, leaving behind an open space known as stope. Room-and-pillar mining is the most common unsupported method, used primarily for flat-lying seams or bedded deposits like coal, trona, limestone, and salt.

12 Mining methods and method selection

12 Mining Methods And Method Selection

12.4 Underground mining method Room-and-pillar mining-Normally applied in flat-lying stratiform or lenticular orebodies admitting an orebody dip up to about 30 .-Rooms serve the multiple roles as ore source, access opening, transport drift, and airway.-Pillars are normally arranged in a regular grid array to simplify planning,


Evaluation Of Bord And Pillar Mining System

Bord and Pillar method of mining is one of the oldest methods of mining. The success of Bord and Pillar mining is selecting the optimum pillar size. If the pillars are too large, then the extraction ratio decrease leading to less production and profitability and if the pillars are too small it becomes venerable to human safety. ...

Dilution and ore recovery QueensMineDesignWiki

Dilution And Ore Recovery Queensminedesignwiki

Mining methods such as block caving, sublevel stoping and room-and-pillar have mining methods which are more predictable, where dilution can be modeled using empirically generated equations. The major factors which have a direct effect on dilution are as follows Mine Depth Methods with greater selectivity exhibit lower dilution

Handout7MIN454pdf Noncoal Application of Room and

Handout7min454pdf Noncoal Application Of Room And

Non-coal Application of Room and Pillar Mining Stope and Pillar Mining See pages 45-53, 159-214 of the textbook Techniques in Underground Mining Applications -Large, flat or nearly flat deposits less than 30 degree dip has been used for small bodies too in very thick deposits, pillar degradation is possible, requiring larger pillars or pillar reinforcement problems with very ...

Different back fill materials used in underground mines

Different Back Fill Materials Used In Underground Mines

Apr 16, 2018 CAF is applied on sublevel stoping and cut and fill methods. The sublevel stoping can be longitudinal or transverse. In a longitudinal method, the void close to the brow is chocked off with the CAF to provide a competent wall when firing the adjacent slot and rings. In addition, CAF serves as crown pillar for mining stopes beneath.

Research on the Enlargement of Stope Span Based on the

Research On The Enlargement Of Stope Span Based On The

Jun 20, 2021 In order to improve the production capacity and efficiency of orebodies, the stope span enlargement with the overhand drift-and-fill mining method based on the pre-stressed expandable pillar support technology is developed by numerical simulation and on-site industrial test. The results demonstrate that compared with the natural pillar support, the vertical deformation of stope roof

stope and pillar mining methods

Stope And Pillar Mining Methods

Feb 10, 2018 Design methods for stopes and sill pillars with. The design of pillars in cut-and-fill mining and open stoping in vertical and subvertical orebodies is of vital importance in optimizing mining operations The primary requirement for a good and reliable design technique is the ability to represent the actual physical behaviour of the pillar In this paper a new methodology for stope roof and sill ...

Underground Mining Methods UFRGS

Underground Mining Methods Ufrgs

Post Room-and-Pillar Mining. Post room-and-pillar mining or post-pillar mining is a combination of room-and- pillar and cut-and-fill stoping. With this method, ore is recovered in horizontal slices starting from the bottom and advancing upward. Pillars are left inside the stope to support the roof.

Underground Mining Methods and Equipment

Underground Mining Methods And Equipment

The first section gives an overview of underg round mining methods and practices as used commonly in underground mines, including classification of underground mining methods and brief explanations of the techniques of room-and-pillar mining, sublevel stoping, cut-and-fill, longwall mining, sublevel caving, and block caving. The second

Hardrock room and pillar QueensMineDesignWiki

Hardrock Room And Pillar Queensminedesignwiki

Room and pillar is an underground mining method that has applications to a wide variety of hard-rock deposits worldwide. It is commonly classified as an open-stoping method, meaning that development involves mining out underground cavities while leaving the

Stope mining Britannica

Stope Mining Britannica

Other articles where Stope is discussed mining Underground mining of extracting ore are called stopes or rooms. There are two steps involved in stoping. The first is developmentthat is, preparing the ore blocks for miningand the second is production, or stoping, itself. Ore development is generally much more expensive on a per-ton basis than stoping, so that every effort

Design of Bord and Pillar method in coal mines

Design Of Bord And Pillar Method In Coal Mines

One of the oldest method of mining is Bord and Pillar. It is method in which the mined material is extracted across horizontal plane while leaving pillars of untouched material to support the overburden leaving open areas or rooms underground. In a method of depillaring, known as the caving of coal of e pamprs extracted and thc roof is ...

PDF Open Stope Mining in Canada ResearchGate

Pdf Open Stope Mining In Canada Researchgate

Open stope mining is the most common mining method employed in underground, hard rock mines in Canada. It is characterised by relatively small, single lift stopes 20,000 to 100,000 tonnes, and ...


Sublevel Open Stoping Design Of The O640 L651

The O640 stope was the next stope within the 3000 orebody that reached final design phase. This stope was scheduled to start production in August 2006. The opportunity was taken by the author to shed light on the process of sub-level open stope SLOS design as it is practically done in the industry.

Mining types and methods cdcgov

Mining Types And Methods Cdcgov

Mining methods, by type of extraction or commodity. Uncheck All. Find term on page Selection yields no results. Expand list Collapse list. Mining types and methods Coal mining Hardrock mining Metal mining Nonmetal mining Oil and gas extraction Sand and gravel mining Stone mining Surface mining Benching Highwall mining Open pit mining Outside ...

PDF Underground Mining Methods Room and Pillar method

Pdf Underground Mining Methods Room And Pillar Method

Prof. Dr. H.Z. Harraz Presentation Room and Pillar method 3. Room and Pillar R amp P means a method in which a set of rooms is developed, leaving pillars rock, usually of uniform size to support ...

Types of Underground Mining Method Comparison

Types Of Underground Mining Method Comparison

Mar 16, 2017 Review of Stoping Methods. Depending on these factors, the following methods of stoping may be employed Underhand stoping Ore is hoisted to the level above Cornish stoping. Ore is drawn from the level below. Overhand, or back stoping Starting stopes. Drift stoping. Cutting out, or lead stoping. Raise stoping.